Beatrix Bosch, South African Leather Artist as featured in House and Leisure
Beatrix Bosch | Retired Contemporary artist who created original leather artworks at her former home on Wilderness beach in South Africa.
About my Medium
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About my Medium | Leather - A creative medium that crosses all boundaries

TEXTURE is Beatrix Bosch’s signature, a creative medium that crosses all boundaries and her artworks are characterised by her flair for abstraction in design, leading you into a world of unexpected impressions that instinctually draw you in, making you want to reach out and touch, perhaps run your hand over the rough and the smooth... Not just to feel, but to connect.

“Each piece of leather requires analysing its textures and finding the best way to enhance the subtle nuances bringing it together in a composition that is arresting and aesthetically pleasing on the eye,” says Beatrix.

Her artworks represent a constant state of evolution – her medium is not only physically demanding but challenging from the creative aspect too. Beatrix says that her skill lies in selecting the pieces that will work together, maximising the innate textures of the piece and bringing it together in a design that celebrates the beauty of the leather itself.

Beatrix’s art has taken her around the world and into public buildings, galleries and boardrooms of corporate offices where her artworks still hang today.

Leather Sources

South Africa, with its vast sheep and cattle herds, has developed a modern tanning industry, employing thousands of people, and this is where Beatrix Bosch obtains most of her hides -- in common, as it happens, with such car manufacturers as Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Wild animal hides come from the carefully-managed national parks of South Africa where the animal population has to be kept in ecological balance to preserve the ecosystem within the park area. Animals that cannot be sold to other parks, ill animals, those which become a danger to others, are humanely put down and the sale of their meat and hides goes towards funding the upkeep of the parks. This system is scrupulously controlled by the South African department of Nature Conservation who certify all hides that emanate from this source and Beatrix Bosch will use no others.

Purchasers of her art can rest assured that they are no more contributing to the pain and suffering of animals than if they were to purchase a pair of leather shoes or a handbag.

By choosing to work in leather, artists face a dilemma: Does using it contribute to pain and suffering, does using wild animal leather encourage poaching and how can the artist be sure that answers to both questions are a resounding "No"?

For centuries, man has domesticated animals for food and, apart from meat, found a myriad other uses for domesticated animal leather -- shoes, coats, car seats, come immediately to mind -- calfskin and pigskin in particular.